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„Censorship of books“ Panel at the BCBF

We are impressed by all the interesting events and discussions at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair! 

We specially want to mention the discussion about „censorship of books: What is the state of children‘s book banning around the world and what is being done?“ with the panelists David Levithan, Giorgia Grilli, Barbara Marcus, Jon Anderson, Dora Batalim SottoMayor and Doris Breitmoser. 

“Censorship is an ancient practice. Whether it be Cato the Censor, or later Popes to blacklist certain books, the goal is always the same: to control, redact and censor, in other words, to stop disclosure. Censorship takes place in many sectors – the press, communications, politics and cinema. Totalitarian regimes exert strict controls. But why is there censorship in more democratic countries? And why, around the world, are some children’s books banned? Long-debated, this issue will be a discussion focus at Bologna Children’s Book Fair, following up on David Levithan’s troubling and visionary article in the New York Times of 23 September 2022 entitled Standing up to the new censorship. In his article, Levithan – America’s 11th most censored author according to PEN America – talks about how censorship today has become a tool used to attempt to deprive communities of their voices and erase their history. A panel of experts, including publishers and scholars from around the world, will give their views of the state of children’s book banning around the world and of what is being done.”

We recommend a sort review of the panel at

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